Our Mission

 - by bandscan

Our mission is to provide musical instruments and music lessons at no cost, to children and youth living in low income communities. We believe that when at-risk children and youth have access to productive activities to participate in, they will be less likely to participate in non-productive activities; such as drugs, alcohol, violence or crime.

Building Bands Canada is now offering our programs to incarcerated
youth. We have started our “new start” program; which allows youth who
have participated in our programs to apply to work as music teachers
or fundraisers for our organization upon completing their sentence.

Building Bands Canada believes that every individual has the potential to be a productive and contributing person in their community, when given the chance. Through this belief, Building Bands Canada provides troubled teenagers with volunteer opportunities teaching music classes, and assisting with program design and fund-raising, allowing them to rediscover their strengths!